The stroller is compatible with all KeyFit infant seats. It has double front-swiveling wheels with great suspension for a comfy ride and easier turning. Toe-tap locks on the front wheels and toe-tap parking brakes on the back keep it in place when you need it. Three positions on the handle accommodate parents of different heights. A generous storage basket and peek-a-boo window help make outings easier and less stressful.

The Totokan baby monitor can sync with your phone even when you’re somewhere that doesn’t have Wifi. It gets between 4 and 5 hours of battery life when it’s not plugged in (so you can use it camping – assuming there’s a way to recharge it), and its rugged case makes it water resistant and good for outdoor use. It also features night vision, a wide field of view, and a zoom lens.
At just 25 pounds for the stroller, this car seat and stroller is among the lightest in the market (though this can still be heavy for some parents). Bringing the stroller in and out of the car is a breeze and you can even fold it easily with just one hand. Additionally, we love that this stroller comes with adjustable handlebars making it very easy to adjust for different parent heights.

Therefore, you will need to decide how you would like to use your airplane car seat. A convertible car seat on airplane can be an easy option, allowing for use both rear and forward facing. This means that the seat can be used by newborns when facing the rear, creating a safe enclosure, and as your child grows can be swapped around to be forward facing. Certainly one of the more challenging aspect of using a car seat for travel on airplane is installing it, with restricted space and only one belt.

The BOB Revolution Flex has been a favorite for years due to its exceptional maneuverability on every surface from supermarket floors to rough gravel and snowy sidewalks. It offers a great combination of performance for a reasonable price. If you love the outdoors, plan to hike and jog, or simply want a rugged product with ample storage, giant canopy, and adjustable handlebar, tracking, and suspension, then the Flex is one to consider. This jogger earned an Editors' Choice award in our Full-Size Stroller Review and our Jogging Review, proving it has what it takes to do double duty. While arguably more at home in the great wide open, the Flex works well in tight spaces while shopping and when errands are the adventures in demand.

2. Infant son is HUGE!!!! One of the reasons we needed a new seat - My 7 month old literally out grew the weight and height recommendations for his infant seat ( Graco Snug fit 35). He is 31 inches long and 25 pounds!!!! So I needed a narrow seat for a big baby...understanding that I would need to get a booster when that time came - cause we got the all in one before and....
This product is heavier and larger when folded than some of the other full-size competitors, like the Britax B-Agile 3, because of its jogger design. However, the Flex offers more features for your baby's comfort as a result of the design geared toward running and trail use. The Flex will work with a variety of infant car seats when you use an adapter (sold separately), but we aren't big fans of the two-step attachment process that includes straps we fear parents will choose not to use.
The most popular configurations are side by side and in line, explained in more detail below. However, double strollers are also available in the light, manoeuvrable umbrella style, which sports a light shade on top for sun or rain protection. A heavy duty version, the jogging stroller, is designed to tackle rougher terrain. The sit-and-stand stroller offers flexibility, with either one child standing, or both kids seated and buckled. Learn more about strollers and purchasing tips with our stroller buying guide.
Going on fun adventures with multiple children will not be a problem when you use a stroller with multiple seats. Whether you have twins or children close in age, you can rest assured they will all be able to travel together. Store all of your children’s food and bottles in the stroller’s storage for easy access. Depending on your preference of style, number of seats and colour there are many to choose from. Feel organized when you are out of the house. 
For parents of twins the Joovy Twin Roo allows you to place two car seats in tandem side by side so that your little ones can look at each other or face in different directions as they ride. The enormous storage basket provides all the space you could need for double the baby supplies while the four cup holders will stock enough refreshments for the longest of journeys.

Four wheel car seat and stroller combos are the most popular option for families that are looking for a heavy-duty stroller that can navigate over a wide variety of terrain. They often have more accessories than the other types, including more storage space. These are best used in spacious areas like zoos, parks, easy hikes, malls and quiet neighborhoods.
The Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 is another car seat stroller combo that’s good for tight budgets and features the Baby Trend Flex Loc infant car seat. The car seat fits babies from 5 - 30 pounds. The stroller works for infants and children up to 50 pounds. Unfolded stroller dimensions are 40" L x 23.50" W x 40" H and the car seat dimensions are 26" L x 16.5" W x 25" H.
If your ground transportation revolves around buses and you don’t plan to take any taxis, you might be able to get away without car seats! Buses have a few safety advantages over passenger cars: they’re big, so they fare better in a collision; city buses tend to drive very slowly (though that’s not true of long-distance buses); and they are often built with compartmentalization in mind to prevent passengers from flying around. If you’re taking long-distance buses and you think (or can confirm) that they’ll have seat belts, taking a car seat for babies and toddlers is probably a good idea.

The Doona Combo is a unique car seat and stroller combo that combines two products into one. This cool combination makes the Doona a ridiculously easy to use product that is good for frequent public transportation and city living families. This combo allows parents to push baby from place to place straight from home to a day on the town. The car seat is easy to use, installs quickly without the base, and fills a niche for parents who live in the city and may otherwise forgo a car seat for the sake of conveniences.
Car seats and warranty info: The City Mini is rated for children up to 50 lbs, and is compatible with BOB, Britax, Baby Jogger, Graco, Chicco, Peg Perego, Cybex, and Maxi-Cosi infant car seats with adapters (available at Most adapters cost $20-30, though the Peg Perego and Chicco adapters are $60. And despite the Baby Jogger brand name, it is not a jogging stroller.

The Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 is another car seat stroller combo that’s good for tight budgets and features the Baby Trend Flex Loc infant car seat. The car seat fits babies from 5 - 30 pounds. The stroller works for infants and children up to 50 pounds. Unfolded stroller dimensions are 40" L x 23.50" W x 40" H and the car seat dimensions are 26" L x 16.5" W x 25" H.
Some parents found this stroller to be too bulky and hard to fit in a small trunk or hatch. Others were not big fans of the basket underneath the stroller. They felt it wasn’t accessible enough with a child reclined in the seat above. There’s only one cup holder in the parent tray, and it can be too shallow for some taller bottles, making them fall out when you hit bumps.

For starters, a little bit about me. My name is TJ Donegan and I'm the Executive Editor of, and I've spent the last decade helping people find everything from the best cameras to the best bottle warmers and the best diaper pails. More importantly, I'm a dad with two kids, so I know exactly how much of a pain it is to find the right stroller for you—and how much of a nightmare it is if you pick the wrong one.

The Baby Trend Nexton travel system is a good option for those on a tight budget. It features the Baby Trend Flex Loc infant car seat. The car seat weight range is 5 - 30 pounds. You can fit a 4 pound preemie in there as well with an extra infant insert. The stroller holds infants and children up to 50 pounds. Folded stroller dimensions are 40.5” L x 12.3” W x 25.3” H. Unfolded dimensions are 46.5” L x 22.5” W x 44.5” H. Car seat dimensions are 26” L x 16.5” Wx 25” H.
The Joovy Twin Roo+ is a double frame product that is lightweight, easy to fold, fits almost anywhere, and works with almost any infant car seat combination. With ample under seat storage, and the ability to install the seats facing either side, the focus is on convenience and ease of use with this economical infant car seat carrier. The Joovy Twin Roo+ also has a cheaper price tag that can help you save money in babies' first nine months while you determine what kind of double product will be best in the long run. As a result, you won't be limited to choosing from the few double options that work with two car seats attached. We think this consideration alone makes the Twin Roo+ a no-brainer for parents of twins.
We recently started using the Bubblebum as backup for Jacob (almost 6yo) and it’s certainly convenient to have around! Update: We’ve now been using it for almost a year of full-time travel, and we love it! It’s an inflatable cushion that has a positioning clip on each side to keep the lap belt in place and an optional clip to position the shoulder belt at the right spot. It’s an awesome portable car seat for travel! It folds up into a small stuff sack, about the size of a very compact sleeping bag. Inflating is a breeze and Jacob is learning how to get himself in and out. Note: not for use on airplanes. Read our full review or check prices here.
Age 5+ – The best taxi booster seat around is the bubble bum (on the right in the picture below). It deflates to a very small size, but when inflated it offers a consistently good belt fit – in any car, and for any size child within the limits (minimum 40lbs). Many parents wrongly assume that their elementary school age children don’t need to ride in a booster seat in a taxi or when traveling, but most kids don’t fit properly in an adult seatbelt until age 10-12. You can read our full review of the bubblebum or check prices here.
Umbrella strollers are great for fun in the sun. Be happy knowing that your child is protected from the heat with an umbrella. If the day is over cast, push the umbrella portion up, and enjoy the versatility of the stroller. Light weight and flexible it will fit perfectly in your life. Don’t forget some sunscreen when you are out in the heat with your little one. Have fun and feel organized while you save money and live better. 
One final option is to buy a car seat backpack with wheels (if that one is out of stock, check out this highly-rated spinner model – more expensive, but definitely easier to get around). It’s still not ideal to check your car seat in one of these bags, as they really only protect from cosmetic damage rather than structural damage or loss. That said, they give you several different options to make it through the airport in one piece!
Once you arrive at your destination, your child will need a car seat or booster seat if you plan to ride in a car. Can’t you just rent a car seat? It’s not ideal. You have no way of knowing the history of the car seat you’ll be provided: Was it in a supposedly-minor accident that could have left it compromised? Were the straps washed in a way contrary to manufacturer instructions?
The Italian-made Peg Perego Booklet Travel System is a high-end car seat stroller combo. It is a simplistic yet classy design that features everything parents need to keep their child comfortable and safe while on the go. It features the Primo Viaggio 4/35 infant car seat, which scored 9.5 on our list and holds babies from 4 - 35 pounds. The stroller holds babies and children up to 50 pounds. Stroller unfolded dimensions are 38.5” L x 21.5” W x 40.8” H. Car seat dimensions with base are 28.5” L x 17.25” W x 26.5” H.
You’re in luck! Usually you can just use your infant car seat – and if your little one isn’t too big yet, it makes a great travel car seat for a 1 year old. Our Chicco Keyfit served us well for many trips. To save weight and bulk, leave the base at home and install with the seatbelt instead. In some countries, the seatbelts do not lock at the retractor so you’ll need to bring an old-school locking clip. If your car seat didn’t come with one, you can buy a locking clip here. Here’s a great video from The Car Seat Lady on how to use a locking clip.

One of the most unique features is the memory recline option - the stroller seat goes back to where it was before you folded it. It’s a great option for parents who have children who are only comfortable in one position - like colicky babies. The child tray also swings out easily so your toddler can get in and out by herself. The removable child tray liner is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.